UK shot on film ,Summer 2014

We spent June in the UK vising family and friends and experienced near perfect weather. I took along my M6 and X2 , here are some shots from the only roll of film I shot , Kodak Portra 400 .I hope they manage to convey the great time we had and capture a few of the special moments with my family  that are unfortunately so few and far between as we only get to see them once a year.

I don't know who had more fun with the Rocket Launcher ... grandpa or grandson 

A father's touch. I love this shot of Zac and his grandpa. Dad , to this day, will run his hand through his son's hair when we are sitting down , its a tender , loving touch that I find myself doing to my sons now . Here I managed to capture dad brushing Zac's hair in the same way.

Uncle Rob

This is probably my favorite , less about the composition but more about trying to capture a feeling.. Shooting into the sun to evoke lens flair , and capturing it on film ,I tried to create a feeling of play,nostalgia and summer.