Japandroids rock Shanghai at Yuyintang

Tera and I headed off to Yuyintang on Saturday night dragging our good friend Lou with us. Its a dark, dank , hole-in-the-wall live music venue, no bigger than your average British pub. Yuyintang's black walls are plastered with music flyers from over the years, its sticky and beer soaked, feels like an oven at about 120 degrees and rammed. In other words its awesome! 

We were there to see the equally awesome Japandroids, a two piece indie rock band from Vancouver.  

It was a hot night in Shanghai, and with the draw of the band the place was packed adding to the intensity. Certainly not a place for the faint-hearted or those prone to fainting! Armed with just my Iphone I tried to capture a bit of the atmosphere, I feel like I somewhat succeeded with the last photo in this set ;-) 

If you want to see some rock in a small intimate venue, or you just fancy sweating off about 5 lbs ,  get yourself down to Yuyintang . Its at the junction Kaixuan Lu and Yan'an Lu.


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